Solo Diver is Sofia Pliakopanou, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Greece.
Sofia has been working in the branding and design industry, for agencies and as a freelancer, since 2012. While working for design agencies, she was involved in projects for high-profile clients and brands with a focus on art direction, visual communication, publications, packaging design, design development and implementation. As a designer, she has collaborated with many specialists in different industries such as copywriters, print production specialists, photographers, web developers and marketing professionals. Her experience allowed her to develop a personal view on the design process, as well as her own illustration style. In 2021, she founded Solo Diver, under which she now creates for clients and herself, celebrating a new direction in her creative journey.
Solo Diver is a person, a studio, a brand, a network, an attitude, a way of working. They create bold images, objects and messages with a human heart. They sprinkle them with a dash of the surreal.
The Solo Diver way of doing things is concept-driven. Research is the starting point of everything they do. Contemporary, on-brand results is their goal. The Solo Diver mentality is independent, yet collaborative. They love sharing ideas and creating things together with others.

This is what Solo Diver can do for your brand:
Art direction, Branding (Naming, Concept development, Visual communication, Visual identity, Implementation, Brand manual), Conceptual thinking, Editorial design (Book design, Publications, Corporate editions), Environmental graphics, Graphic design, Illustration, Installations, Packaging design