Narrative, earthy, lovely, bold, alive, inspiring, passionate, fascinating, authentic forever.

Herbs In Her Pockets, curated by Isabella Zampetaki, explores Greece’s cultural and culinary wealth. The brand develops narratives and unique concepts for immersive experiences. 

Solo Diver was commissioned to design the brand's visual identity. The logo is inspired by an iconic clay statuette of a female swinging, from the Minoan period. Earthy, yet warm colors, elegant, yet bold typography and a narrative design system create a genuine atmosphere.

credits → 
Client: Herbs In Her Pockets, Isabella Zampetaki
Art direction, design: Solo Diver

Photographed by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos
Outdoor/dish photographs by Herbs In Her Pockets
Cards printed by Davias Imprimatur
Soap packaging printed by Petrakis 
Typography: Canela
Paper: Colorplan, Eco Recycled