Solo Diver was commissioned to design the visual communications for Vasilis Botoulas’ third solo art exhibition, Out here in the perimetre.
The exhibition is created by the artist in the aftermath of the July 2018 fire in Attica, Greece. His work is characterized by the creative repetition of lines and dots, while using mainly black and red ink and acrylic paint. 

The exhibition’s visuals focus on communicating the artist's concept and introducing the exhibition's bold ideas to the visitors. 

credits → 
Client, artist: Vasilis Botoulas
Curation, texts: Kiriakos Spirou
Graphic design: Solo Diver
Catalogue printed by Pletsas-Kardari Printers
Posters printed by Macart
Paper: Papago Black and Munken Polar by Perrakis Papers
Catalogue and poster photographed by Maria Mavropoulou
Typography: Manrope

Hosted by Alkinois Project Space