Sweet, delicious, crunchy, soft, colorful, narrative, frozen, yummy and nice for you. 
Soul sweet is the second small-format hardcover cookbook published by health coach Evaggelia Demiri (aka Souldiet). 🤍​​​​​​​ Soul sweet’s design is based on minimal aesthetics and focuses on sleek typography, natural light and vivid food photography.
credits → 
Client: Souldiet
Author, concept: Evaggelia Demiri
Copywriter, recipes: Evaggelia Demiri
Editor: Olga Nikolaidou
Copywriter assistants: Vasiliki Nikolaou, Elena Lytra
Art direction, design: Sofia Pliakopanou
Photography (content): Dimitris Vergis
Editing of recipes: Anastasia Parara

Deco styling: Mairi Deligiorgi
Typography: Roboto, Stephen Sans
Clothing designer: Dorina Savva

Book printed by Haidemenos
Book still life photographed by Alexandra Masmanidi
Note: Souldiet logo is not part of the project.