What a bright, colorful, delicious, healthy, nice, pleasant, fresh, creative, salty, cool book it is.
Soulcooking is a small-format hardcover cookbook published in Greece by health coach Evaggelia Demiri (aka Souldiet). 🥑​​​​​​​👀​​​​​​​ The book's concept is all about Souldiet's philosophy on health coaching, advices on everyday cooking moments and delicious recipes. Soulcooking's design is inspired by the author's personality, full of minimal aesthetics, handwriting notes, colors and bright moments.
credits → 
Client: Souldiet
Author, concept: Evaggelia Demiri
Copywriter, recipes: Evaggelia Demiri

Copywriter assistants: Vasiliki Nikolaou, Olga Nikolaidou
Art direction, design, illustrations: Sofia Pliakopanou
Photography (content): Pantelis Chaloudis
Editing of recipes: Stergios Bitsis

Food styling: Evaggelia Demiri
Deco styling: Mairi Deligiorgi
Typography: Averta, BPphd Hand, PhD
Book printed by Haidemenos
Book still life photographed by Alexandra Masmanidi
Note: Souldiet logo is not part of the project.